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Narcissistic Teen Is Funny [VIDEO]
I'm sure 'Baby Girl' was freaking out when she saw this.  Technology isn't kind to all who use it. Grains of sands, gold and diamonds, the air he breathes doesn't compare to his love for "Baby Girl!'
Giant Roller Skating Clown Terrorizes Portland [VIDEO]
Clowns can be fairly terrifying in life-size, or even miniature, so about the last thing you want to see while walking down the street is a ten-foot clown scooting toward you on roller skates.
But that’s exactly what the folks in Portland, OR are subjected to in the video below.
How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife With a Coffee Mug [VIDEO]
Picture this: You just moved to a new city, and in an effort to unclutter your life, you brought only the bare essentials to your new apartment. Maybe that includes a kitchen knife. It probably doesn’t include a knife sharpener, though.
But now, through overuse and/or improper care, that one kitchen …

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