Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman’ Solo Film Will Begin Shooting This Fall
Last we heard, Warner Bros. hadn’t yet officially given the Wonder Woman solo film the green light, which wasn’t entirely surprising given that a script wasn’t firmly in place. But today brings good news on the Wonder Woman front: shooting will begin this fall for the heroȁ…
Meet The New Wonder Woman
Isreali-born actress Gal Gadot will take on the role of superhero Wonder Woman in the DC Comics follow-up to Man of Steel, currently titled Batman vs. Superman.
New Wonder Woman Short Film Is Awesome!!! [VIDEO]
My inner nerd actually has it's own voice. And boy was it screaming when I lucked upon this short, 2 and half minute film from RainfallFilms. It has long been said that a Wonder Woman movie just wouldn't be good or attract the attention of the masses. I have firmly disagreed, especially ha…
NBC Passes on ‘Wonder Woman’
For better or worse, NBC has ultimately decided to pass on its much talked about 'Wonder Woman' reboot, starring 'Friday Night Lights' beauty Adrianne Palicki.
The network has yet to make an official comment on the decision, but sources claim the pilot - which was written by David…