Do You Have The Most Common Job In Wyoming?
Over the years, the “most common jobs” or MCJ, change for each state. For example, Florida’s MCJ is currently Primary School Teacher. In 1996, truck, delivery and tractor drivers. In 1978, Florida’s most common job was Secretary...
Wyomingites Dying To Work? Apparently, Yes
One of the hardest jobs is finding a job. In 5 states it may be hard to make it to the end of the day uninjured or alive. It’s like we’re dying to work.
The AFL-CIO says “every day 150 people will be killed on the job or die from job-related illnesses and disease…
Red Flags You’re Lying to Work About Being Sick
It’s that time of year when you realize you've got sick days that you haven’t used. Should you fake the flu to get a few days off?  If you do, remember:  Your coworkers are totally on to you.
A new survey found 57% of Americans have taken a fake sic…
41% of Companies Will Make People Work on Labor Day [VIDEO]
There's something about being forced to work on Labor Day that seems so un-American.  But since we're a country that never takes vacation days anymore, maybe it actually makes sense.
A new study found 97% of companies will give at least some of their employees a paid day off on Labor D…
3 Tips To A Good Raise
If you want more money, ask for it!
A new study found that only 44% of women and 48% of men have ever asked for a raise.  But if you want a raise, you pretty much HAVE to ask.  85% of the people who DID, ended up getting one.
So step one is finding the guts to ask for one...

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