Meet Wyoming’s Biggest YouTube Star: ‘Grapeapplesauce’
Imagine getting paid to play video games all day. One 21-year-old man from Cheyenne is living the dream.
His real name is Sean, but to the over 340,000 subscribers on his YouTube page, he's known as "Grapeapplesauce".
Several years ago, he quit his job selling satellite dish sub…
Aquile Featured In New Roland Advertisement [VIDEO]
One of Douglas and Casper's favorite sons, Aquile, is making major moves once again. The former NBC 'The Voice' Season 3 contestant, and ultimate singer/songwriter is the featured artist in a new Roland Synthesizer video.
Dude Made $7.5M Playing Video Games
Sweden's Felix Kjellberg went from selling hotdogs to making an incredible $7.5 MILLION last year, playing and commenting on video games with the most popular channel on YouTube.
As PewDiePie, his channel got more views than anyone else on YouTube last year...
Watch Vintage Concerts Via Music Vault
If you are my age, then you were part of the music video revolution. I can remember days just sitting around watching this new art form. However, now the music video has been replaced by reality shows, that makes stars out of ordinary people. I'd rather watch the videos, concerts and such. Now …

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