Having spent a large portion of my life in Alabama, I would like to take a moment and say "Thank You," to the late Dr. King. The South was a different place "back in the day!" I remember a couple of years back my daughter was studying the "Civil Rights" movement in High School.

She had questions to ask, and I tried to answer, only to discover I had a "small" part in the movement. My grandfather would take his grandkids to participate in different events. I was  actually in some of the marches. Can't say that I fully understood the significance of being involved in such events.

Too young to understand the politics of it all, I just wished people could "Just get along!"  Was amazed at Dr. King's resolve to keep on keeping on in the face of threats, intimidation, and character assassination. I, as a Black American, feel very fortunate that Dr. King was a strong, and determined soul. Things have changed thru the years, but could be better in America.

On this day, a simple "Thank You" is not enough for what Martin Luther King, did for this kid from the south. I have opportunities today, because he was a man of vision, and never gave up. Bono said it well with the line "They took your life, but they could not take your pride"... In the name of love I wish Dr. King eternal peace.