Now a days with the prevalence of smart phones there seems like there is an app for everything. From banking, dating, to sports, to losing weight even interviewing for jobs. Now one of American's foremost rock icons have launched their own app so as to allow fans to access their entire music library, interactive content,  videos even an extended history of the band.

The Doors were famous for their song Break on Through. Now it seems they are set to do that again with their own app available at the App store. The Doors, in conjunction with Warner Music group have taken that virtual step in bringing music to their fans. "“The genesis of this project began with a desire to digitize the boxed set, to use new technology to improve upon a much-loved fan experience. It made total sense to choose The Doors. They have always been ‘ahead of the curve’ artists and their story is one of the great sagas in rock."

So it appears the Doors have taken my smart phone and made me a Rider of the Storm.