My friend Mandy Fry and The Hector Foundation know that many attendees of the Beartrap Summer Festival will bring their pets. So they've come up with some suggestions that hopefully makes your pets meadow experience one to remember.

To those of you going to Beartrap Summer Festival this weekend and taking the pups with you here are a few things to remember:


- It's HOT up there; don't forget your Hector Foundation collapsible water bowls. They click right on to the leash so you can take them anywhere. Don’t have one? Well, contact Mandy Fry at to get one (limited number available).
- NO DOGS allowed at Saturday night's Camp and Jam. 
- I always suggest getting your pup vaccinated when around large groups especially if your dog is a puppy. Large gatherings like this make it easy for a puppy to get Parvo. So far I have found that Dr. Horsch at Paintrock Animal Clinic has the best prices in town. 
- Don't forget to clean up after your dog! Visit the City of Casper's keep Casper Beautiful and get yourself a FREE dog poo bag dispenser complete with dog poo bags. There are also dog poo stations around the meadow, USE THEM!