Just a few days into November and my Facebook feed is dripping in sappy thankfulness.  Everybody and their brother is participating in the Facebook "Write One Thing You're Thankful For Each Day In November" deal.  Seems to me that the majority of people are posting generic sappy 'thankful' statuses.

Eyeroll. Yawn.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for being thankful...it's the sap value I'd like to suggest we reign in a bit.  How about posting original, imaginative, funny, even shallow thankful posts?  Among the sprinkling of the tear-jerkers of course.

Let's see some "I'm thankful that Golden Corral FINALLY opened" or "I'm thankful that I didn't run into the Jackwagon that cut me off on 2nd St. this morning" or "I'm thankful that I finally caught up watching all my DVR'd episodes of Sons of Anarchy" posts. Because hey, you know it's true!

So?  Wa'cha thankful for? (comment below)