The Smiths rock. According to my vast research (IE, wikipedia) critics have called them "the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s." Unfortunately, The Smiths broke up due to numerous issues, and they have yet to reunite. Former Smiths frontman Morrissey, however, still plays the occasional show, unless, ya know, a beer bottle hits him in the head, which is what happened on this day in 2009.

Morrissey was playing a show in Liverpool, England and was bringing the house down. That was, until a plastic beer bottle hit him in the head, no doubt thrown by a disgruntled Smiths fan who was aching for a reunion. Rather than finish the show with a headache, the fifty-year-old singer opted instead to say goodnight to the crowd of 8,000 people before walking off the stage.

That would have never happened to Johnny Marr.