Keith Richards, for decades, has always been seen as being Rock and Roll's "bad boy." He wears cool clothes, smokes on stage, breaks things, swears and more. But on this day in 1973, Richards proved his "bad boy" status- when he was fined £205(that's European money!) after admitting to having marijuana, Chinese heroin(which is different than it's American cousin, because when you're done shooting it, it will tell you your fortune), Mandrax tablets, and a revolver in his home in Chelsea. His girlfriend got in a wee bit of trouble too, but it was Richards who garnered the most media attention.

As a bonus, on this day in 1977, Richards pleaded guilty to possessing heroin(minus the fortune...sad face) to a courtroom in Toronto. Richards faced no jail time. Instead, he was given a one year suspended sentence and was then ordered to perform  benefit concert for the blind. Now, was this pretty lax sentence due to Keith Richards being famous, or because Canada is effing weird? You be the judge.