We all know and love the song. Instead of using the factitious "555" prefix, Tommy Tutone used an actual phone number so they, and the rest of the world, would never forget it.

But who has that number now?

Starting back in 2004 that as been an on-going list of the infamous 867-5309 with every area code so we can so who has it, who's using it and who are capitalizing on what could be the most popular phone number in the world.

You can see the list in progress here. Some great instances are

208     ring, ring, ring, (Mailbox belonging to "Jenny" is full)

310 (Mailbox is Full) "Jenny is not here, Jackass. Everyone cares about Jenny, no one cares about Jack"

425     ring, ring, ring, (Answering maching - The Tommy Tutone song plays - with commentary)

972 home team mortgage to reach jenny press 2..
see the complete of the list here