To stand in the back of the newly renovated Wolcott Galleria, and let the eclectic sounds of a 40's blues tinged, big band sounding, Eddie Cochran tune roll over your body, while a sold out crowd worked on their sweaty dance moves was with out a doubt an evening I wont soon forget. The Wiyos more than lived up to their reputation by delivering  a tight, energetic, unique blend of old-timey folk, blues and vaudeville-style tunes, to an audience  that danced, sang and romanced the band with emotion and love only the Cowboy State can deliver. Though it took an understanding crowd a moment to embrace the sound of the novel, energetic roots band from Brooklyn, once the cool-aid was consumed they couldn't get off the stage. Stand up base lines from a 6'7'' "tall glass of water" to percussion riffs and harmonica terrors from a "short night stand" of a harp player, overlayed with the flawless, honky-tonk, jazz styled guitar lines the Wiyos never let their audience get comfortable. This guys were so tight they squeaked!

As the lights in the old ball room went down....John Kirlan and the High Plains Drifters tore through their opening set (with perfectly placed tunes from their newly released "Porch Horses" cd)...followed by the staggering stretch of flat picking, banjo banging, awe inspiring work of Jalan Crossland, the stage was set and the audience set into a musical frenzy for the Wiyos to literately push the crowd over the musical edge, only to be beat into submission by a final jam of everyone rip-roaring into a final crescendo of music. Sold out show; and local/international artist Zac Pullen and friends that put the gig on all got pats on the back for an evening of musical mayhem that was so entertaining all left with potentially permanent smiles on their faces.