After yesterday's 23 – 16 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Denver Broncos are now just one game away from Super Bowl 50. Unfortunately, it was a mediocre win that will have us in the AFC title game this Sunday up against The Patriots.  With almost 20 dropped balls yesterday, it was not a pretty win. While The Steelers are a great team, our receivers are really going to have to up their game. You could see the wobble with some of Peyton’s throws, but many of those incomplete passes were catchable yet were dropped. Were the receivers rattled with the lack of accuracy and velocity of the passes? Peyton gave props to our defense for yesterday’s win.


Will next Sunday be the final game for Peyton Manning? If The Patriots win, it may be time for Manning  to ride off into the sunset, but that’s no slam on one of the greatest football players ever. But athletes have a limited shelf life and Manning is near the end of his, at 39. Getting old is certainly no crime and it happens to us all. Word is that Peyton is in talks with The Tennessee Titans in an ownership capacity. Peyton went to college in Tennessee.


Next Sunday, the Broncos host the Patriots. Tickets go on sale today at noon for $100 - $360 (up to $600 for club seats). They will be available at TicketMaster for those in Colorado, Wyoming and a few other nearby states. Tickets will also be available at The Broncos office tomorrow, if there are any left.


Should Coach Kubiak start Peyton or Brock? Could Kubiak make that decision if he wants to or is it in Elway’s hands? What would you do? I sure hope The Broncos can get a Super Bowl win for Peyton. What are his/our chances at this point?


On another bright note, Demaryius Marcus had his mother at the game and she saw him play for the 1st, ever. She had been arrested when he was just 11, for trafficking in drugs and has been in prison ever since. President Obama cut her and other’s sentence short last November and yesterday, she ended up with the game ball when Peyton handed it over to Demaryius to give to her.

Stay classy Peyton and good luck with the straight and narrow mom.