As one of my all time favorites bands. There is one thing I don't like seeing from Tom  Petty and The Heartbreakers. It's Tom Petty without the Heartbreakers. He tried solo work. It didn't work. Now Tom Petty never wants to make another album without his band.The 63-year-old musician recorded a solo record 'Highway Companion' in 2006 but with the release of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' latest album 'Hypnotic Eye' he can't see himself ever wanting to work without the group again. "''I don't see that I have anything to offer as a solo artist that I couldn't do within the group better.'We get along so well it's embarrassing really. It's a love fest!'' But that's not to say they don't disagree. "''Even now, a friendly argument will start about something that happened in, say, '72. 'Remember when there was only one cheesecake in room service, I ordered it and you took it off the tray before it got to my room. That p****d me off!'''