Michelle Bachman, wife, mother and Presidental candidate in 2012 is facing a problem many political candidates run into qiute frequently. Bachman was caught using Tom Petty's "American Girl" at the start of her rallies.

Tom doesn't like that very much. She's not he first GOP candidate that petty has singled out for using his songs without permission. Petty told George W. Bush to stop using " I Won't  Back Down" at his rallies back in 2000.

To write a hit song has to be the ultimate high. To create a piece of music that everyone knows by beat, rythm, lyrics, melody, just a cool transcendent tune. Suppose that's why politicans choose these tunes to try and connect with their constituents.

One can clearly understand why Bachman might (did) choose "American Girl for her rallies. One of those pieces of music  mentioned before. As the creator of "American Girl," Tom Petty has the right of refusal to anyone using his music without permission, especially politicans which could be construed by some as an endorsement by Tom Petty. No celebrity wants to be tied to any politican without the words coming directly from the stars lips! Period!

One would have to wonder if it's a "political" thing, because not to many artist complain about sports teams using their music. You can still alienate in this country by cheering for the wrong sports team,but that doesn't seem to bother artist as much as the politicans. Tom Petty is not the first to say "No,"  to a politican for using his art and hard work to try and gain just a little edge with the voters.

Fascinating how the universal language of the world can be slienced in some instances.