In this day and age of digital downloads, rockers that have been around a while, even one's that are still touring and recording and have been monsters in the past, tend to get lost in the on line shuffle.The music world has moved on from the days when Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers were among its leaders. Todays bands like the Heartbreakers have a choice to make. Give up and quit. Do the oldies circuit. Go Country. Or fight back by putting out some of the best rock and roll on the planet. It's called Hypnotic Eye. And it's really good. "The Heartbreakers have decided to take a stand, based on the evidence of this stunning new disc. "Hypnotic Eye" is testament to the enduring power of blues-based rock 'n' roll. The Heartbreakers are among the best rock bands still working, and this disc is the type of showcase it hasn't had for decades." One of the things I loved about the Heartbreakers was the chemistry of the band. And it hasn't gone away. It's gotten better. "Mike Campbell's fluid guitar, Benmont Tench's unparalleled keyboards, Ron Blair's surprisingly melodic bass and Steve Ferrone's drums — it's a veteran band that plays with confidence and precision. Petty brings the songs, hook-laden and filler-free, speaking to the strivers and dreamers who have always made up his audience. The sound is classic but never dated."

Now go out and buy it. And play it loud.