Oh Halloween, what is there to NOT like about it? Free Candy? Check. Socially accepted scantily clad women? Check. A new Tree House of Horrors from The Simpsons? Check! Halloween is the one holiday I look forward to every year. Of course the most important piece of the “Holiday Puzzle” is your costume, or in my case costumes! Now I know some of you are scoffing.

“Josh, it’s only August. Halloween is still over two months away!”

Nonsense! It’s always a good idea to get started thinking and planning your costume for this year. This is why I have compiled a short list of local shops that should be capable of satisfying all of your costume shopping needs.

  • Party America

    Party America is about as close to a “Halloween Home Depot” you’re going to get here in Casper. These guys not only offer costumes for every age, they offer everything you will need to throw the greatest Halloween party since 2010. Their costume selection offers a wide range of costumes for every age. These guys even have an entire category dedicated to “Animal Costumes”. Now your pets can join in your revelry of the holiday! So if you’re not only looking for the latest and greatest costumes, but a one stop Halloween Super Store, look no further than Party America.

  • Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army is not only a treasure trove for self absorbed hipsters. It’s also a great place to check when constructing this year’s epic Halloween costume. But there are some important tips you should follow when deciding to shop Salvation Army for your costume.

    • Have a costume design ready. It’s best to have at least a rough idea of what your theme will be for your costume BEFORE you go into the store. This way you won’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff, and it’s going to allow you to spot things that would work that others might over looked. 
    • Shop early and often. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning your costume since July. So the earlier you can come up with a shopping list, the sooner you can get in before the Hipsters.

  • Wal Mart / K Mart / Target

    Once the Back to School props comes down, I am pretty sure you will see the Halloween isles replace them. These stores are usually a good place to pick up youth costumes and whatever happen to be the “popular” and “topical” costumes for the year. These stores usually offer up some decent decorations and other essential Halloween accessories. These stores are usually a great place to pick up the kid’s costumes. Because they carry all the popular movie / traditional costumes, and also have a large supply of makeup and effects kits to ensure your little horror hits the sidewalks in Halloween style.

    Spencer Platt, Getty Images
  • Pizzazz

    For those looking for a more “adult” themed costume this year, Pizzazz has you covered. Pizzazz offers the “sexy” version of just about every costume imaginable. In fact I bet if you looked hard enough, you might just find that “sexy” Barbra Bush costume.

    Spencer Platt, Getty Images