"Wild Thing I think I love you. But I want to know for sure." When I was a kid there was a song we used to sit and sing to each other when we wanted a laugh out loud. It was "Wild Thing." by the Troggs. Now according to Music News the front man for the Band The Troggs Reg Presley has passed away.

The Troggs front man Reg Presley has died a year after retiring from music to concentrate on battling lung cancer. The "Wild Thing" rocker, 71, died at his home in Andover, England on Monday. Presley was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of 2012 and announced his retirement in a post on The Troggs' official website.

s the leader of The Troggs, Presley enjoyed success throughout the 1960s with songs like "Wild Thing," "With a Girl Like You" and "Love Is All Around." He had a career rebirth in the mid-1990s when Wet Wet Wet's cover of "Love Is All Around" spent 15 weeks at the top of the British pop charts.

Presley was born Reginald Maurice Ball in Andover in 1941. Aside from being a musician, he also made a name for himself as an avid alien researcher who specialized in crop circles and signs of extra-terrestrial life on earth.