Any football coach that understands the game will tell you that even if he has a superior team if he turns the ball over to many times his team is not going to beat your team. That's how the football gods have it. That's what the NCHS Mustangs did in Oil Bowl 2013. And the Kelly Walsh Trojans made plays when then needed to.

Trojan's Kirk Durtschewas was the first hero hitting Clay Carlson for an 18-yard touchdown over three defenders. The next hero was Seth Romsa who hit the extra point in over time giving the Trojan's the win.

The hallways of Kelly Walsh will be a much nicer place to be come Monday. And all the Kally Walsh alumni will have a smile on their face all week long. And the players of the 2013 Oil Bowl will forever remember this game as they get on in years. No one can take this one from the Kelly Walsh players for the rest of their lives.