It was back in 1969 after a competition in Boston that the Casper Trooper first beat the Boston Crusaders. The Crusaders were a power house in the world of Drum Corps that summer and picked to finish in the top three at Nationals that year.  Jubilation ran through the young corp from Casper that defeated the Crusaders with girls in their corp. After the contest there were words exchanged and before any one knew what was going on the drum lines from both corps were going at it....on a hot summer night under the stadium. Tonight the Boston Crusaders were back in Casper for another shot at the Casper Troopers. I was lucky enough to get away with my life a second time. The Crusaders drum line snatched me on the streets of Casper just as they did so many years ago in Boston. Tonight Drum Corp competition came back to Casper as Drums Along the Rockies echoed through the city. Incredible show for all.