Up to a dozen sailors on board the USS Wyoming have been caught up in a scandal where 1 sailor secretly taped female sailors undressing just outside the showers, on board and then 11 others watched the videos via texts. 11 watched the video, only one reported it.

The women were some of the 1st women to serve onboard a submarine, due in large part to the tight quarters onboard. Ballistic missile submarines usually have 15 officers and 140 enlisted, with unisex showers and bathrooms with a sign posted outside to indicate which sex is currently using them.

A Los Angeles class submarine is about 33 feet across, about the width of 4 parking spaces. The USS Wyoming is Ohio Class, which is bigger and can be under water longer, by months. Female officers started serving on subs in 2011, and female enlisted sailors are slated to begin serving aboard submarines this month. Some criticize women serving in close quarters on submarines, which could lead to sexual assault or pregnancy.

An Admiral says the Navy is emphatically committed to having women on board, full speed ahead. The sailors who watched the videos are on shore duty.