Cost Plus Appliance and Design Center


Every dad has his couch potato moments … but that doesn’t mean he has to watch tv like an ordinary spud. Cost Plus Appliance and Design Center will make Dad’s den the ultimate retreat with this beautiful 55-inch flatscreen television. He’ll enjoy a crystal-clear high-definition view of every blade of grass on the infield, and hear every squealing tire in his favorite action movie. Cost Plus will take care of the delivery and installation, too, so Dad won’t have to lift a finger … except to use the remote.


Cost Plus Appliance and Design Center is a Casper, Wyoming based company founded in 1987. We specialize in offering major appliances from the ordinary to the extra ordinary: Old time ‘high tech 50’s retro remake appliances’ to the many new stainless professional series cooking instruments are available. ALL brands @ ONE reliable source @ GREAT prices! Additionally we offer several lines of fine cabinetry, countertops of every style, flavor and configuration, not to mention furniture and home theater systems. Our 25,000+ square foot showroom is located in a premiere historic/landmark 100+ year old building in Casper, WY. The showroom is very unique and offers one of the largest collections of kitchen/fine home products in the Rocky Mountain West. NEW kitchen, bath, countertop, furniture, and home theater ideas abound in our showrooms along with the history and ‘local flavor’ which accompanies a building which was a former brewery and potato chip factory. The showroom is dynamic in nature and is always in a flux of change. There are several ‘live kitchens’ through out the building where cooking classes are offered on a regular and ongoing basic. Please check with the store for the latest cooking class schedule. Being a Wyoming owned and operated company Cost Plus Appliance & Design Center attempts to ‘give back’ to the community whenever possible. Our facility may be available for worthwhile fund raisers and other social gatherings. Please feel free to email WyGizmo@AOL.Com for further details. Buy where the Builders Buy!: Cost Plus Appliance & Design Center!