I talked to a lot of people who voted the other day. They said it was pedestrian.Nothing new. Blah Blah Blah. I thought it was going to be that way for me as well. Nothing new. It wasn't. Because I haven't voted in 17 years. I stood there with the balot and actually got emotional. Tears...fast heart rate. Even a little dizzy. I was overwhelmed by the experience for about 5 minutes. And I thought I was going to take it for granted. I didn't. It was an incredible experience. I had my father in my mind's eye for a minute or two hoping he was proud of me. I thought of my son who I wont get to see vote here in about 15 years and wondered what his world will be like. And I thought of all those individuals.. those VETERANS who gave their all for my little 15 minute experience. All of you I thank you for what you have given me.