For seventeed years I've hated voting day. Hated it. Seventeen years ago I made a stupid, selfish decision that cost me more than I can ever explain here. Suffice it to say I've paid for it.

One of the things I gave away, and now have earned back, after my life, was recently given back to me by the State of Wyoming. You see....I got my voting rights back. For 17 years I haven't been able to vote. Tomorrow I will walk into that booth with excitment, pride and a sense of accomplishment. I will proudly go into that booth and exercise a right that I thought I would never be able to do again. Something that used to embarass me because of my father and what he did for me.

If you are not going to vote tomorrow let me plead with you. I beg you to vote for my dad William Shutts. You see, many years ago, he climed into the right seat of a B25, strapped himself in, check his instruments, and took off with nine other men in his care. And he did this knowing....knowing that he might not come back. That that day could be the day that he and his men die. Give thier lives up. He did this over and over for months. Put yourself in that seat. FEEL that pit in the center of your stomache as you understand the reality that today may be the day you die. And he did it SO THAT YOU CAN VOTE!!!

So tomorrow I ask you if you don't want to vote for your self. Come vote with me. Come and vote for my dad. I beg you. He suited up for you, for me. for us.