We have wanted to visit Yellowstone since we've been married and since I was a kid and this weekend is the dream come true.

My wife Janis, the Pomeranian's and myself are off to see one of the most magnificent places on earth. I can't believe Yellowstone National Park isn't on the seven wonders of the world list.  We are starting from Livingston, MT and heading in through the North gate. First order is to check out the geysers on the road in. Lots of waterfalls and geysers to photograph and roll video on. Mammoth, West Yellowstone, Old Faithful, West Thumb and Grant Villiage on the first leg.

Then Yellowstone Lake, mud volcano and Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone. We will wrap up and head out the East entrance to Cody at the end of the day. I will be writing and posting pictures and videos before, during and after the visit.