If you would have told me that as I look to the Billboard record charts to see which artist has the number one LP in the country. And it's not rock, blues, country or rapp. It's Weird Al.  I just wouldn't expect to see Wierd Al Yankovic in the number one spot. But there he is! The past week for "Weird Al"  has been a little weird by the standards of the curly-haired, accordion-playing, oddball master of pop music parody. He's been shut out of radio and even television. So he went to social media to present his new LP "Mandatory Fun."  "Yankovic released eight new songs each day beginning on July 14 with "Tacky," a celebrity-filled video of Pharrell's international hit "Happy," which itself has spawned countless fan videos."  And now he's number one."It's still hard for me to wrap my head around that," Yankovic said in an interview. "It means a lot to me." http://nr.news-republic.com/Web/ArticleWeb.aspx?regionid=1&articleid=26442498&m=d