Michael Martin Murphy will bring his Cowboy Christmas to Laramie tonight, November 25, 2016. This dedicated ambassador of Western culture will perform at The Gryphon Theater. I have come across Michael on several occasions and I always found him to be a great guy and a fine performer. My favorite from Michael? That would be his 1972 hit, Geronimo's  Cadillac.

Geronimo (1827-1909) was an Apache Indian chief who led raids on US soldiers after his Chiricahua reservation was abolished in 1876. After years of bloodshed he was captured following a hard-fought campaign against General George Crook, but he escaped.

He later surrendered, on condition that his men returned to their homes in Florida. Instead they were imprisoned and later settled elsewhere. Later on Geronimo became a successful farmer and a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

107 years ago today, February 17th of 1909, this 80-year-old Indian chief had a little too much "fire water" in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He got wasted, fell off his horse, caught pneumonia from lying outside all night . . . and died. It was an end of an era, a way of life and the end of a noble man, GERONIMO 

I always liked this 1972 song from Michael Murphy that was inspired by the man we remember today, Geronimo. Steve Cooper’s Daily Dinosaur. Michael picks up the story…

I like the original recording better, but then you'd miss the story.