Up on a ladder today out in the sun. Painting. Gutter, side of house, porch. And while I was scraping the gutter I noticed one wasp. Not a big thing. I dealt with it. As I pounded in nail on the gutter a few more wasps. Again not a big thing. But then as I got back up on the ladder to paint the gutter and side of the house the team came out in force. I was slowly surrounded by a plethora of wasps. They bummed rushed me. And I got stung. Twice. The Zen in me said leave them alone. The human in me said "destroy the nest and take no prisoners." So what do you do when you get stung multiple times? I don't know. I just put a little ice on it and went back to painting. Comments please at the River's Face Book page where I've posted this. Let me know what to do next time. Comment please to our River Face Book Page.