I have scanned the reviews of Madonna’s live performance at yesterday’s Super Bowl. I thought it was a great performance despite the fact most reviewers are having a field day pointing out her misstep on a set of bleachers and I have always had a soft spot for college drop outs.  Attached here is her first live performance of her first dance single “Everybody.”

Although the moves and the sets were considerably different from what you saw yesterday on the Super Bowl you can see that early “juice.”

In addition my admiration for her work stems from her song “Papa Don’t Preach.”  It is the first track on her third studio album True Blue.  The song was written by Brian Elliot -- that is his stage name.  His real name is Greg Steckler and we both graduated from high school together in Great Falls, Montana (Great Falls Central Catholic High School – 1963).   Madonna wrote all the lyrics for each cut on that album exclusive of “Papa Don’t Preach.”  She only added a few lines to Greg’s original lyric.  The song is based on teen gossip Greg heard outside his studio, which has a large front window that doubles as a mirror where school girls stopped to fix their hair and chat.

To Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone – you never looked better, hang in there!