In the food industry there is one thing that really matters. It's not the food. It's not the kitchen. It's not the servers. Heck it's not the bussers. When push comes to shove on a busy Saturday night. It's the ice machine. Because Ice makes the world go round in the food service industry. Tonight at the Fort Saloon and Eatery, located at 500 W F. Street in Casper. The ice machine went down. That means serious problems. So what do you do. You have guests that need ice in drinks. The bar needs ice. You have the kitchen that needs ice for dinners. Lets just say you need ice period. So tonight at the Fort the ice machine went on the fritz and Brandon stepped up. He crawled into the ice machine and got things running. What kind of guy crawls into an ice machine? The guests were happy. The servers were happy. And over all. Everyone was happy. Except Brandon.