This is Justin, just a guy doin’ his job…. right. Has he or someone like him helped you? There are hardworking people doing good works for us and around us all of the time. While some of us are quick to pitch a bitch about bad service, I prefer to recognize the good. When is the last time you had good service?

I wheeled my pickup into a Midas and asked for a shot of air for my tire and Justin said with a smile “Sure.” He grabbed a hose and said I was down to about 15lbs and that I may have a slow leak. Then he said “It might be from these sidewall cracks that are close to the bead.” I said it must be the UV rays from sitting in the sun. He mentioned that at Wyoming’s altitude, ozone is more of a factor and that different manufacturers tires are affected differently. Goodyear is not affected the same as Michelin and then Justin took care of another low tire and we talked a bit more. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything, but to share his knowledge and concern.

There was no charge but you can bet when it’s time for service on my vehicles, I will bring them to a place where service is more important than profit. I vote with my dollars. How about you?

Soon, we'll share the results. Thanks for spreading the good word!