Have you seen this candy-coated dancin' doll in Casper? Can you tell me who she is?  She recently had a "Rock and Roll Fantasy" that was caught on video, and now I feel a NEED to talk to her.

I like to think that she was just driving down the road listening to the River, (I would like to believe she was listening to my little radio show thing, specifically), and she heard us say something that effected her so deeply, that when Bad Company came on the radio, she just had to pull it over and give it up to the world... If you know who she is... LET ME KNOW!

It is true, crack don't smoke itself, but before you judge her... take a look at this sexy thang!  With moves like this I would have think she just works out for that figure, and she's just high on life, love, music, and Twinkies.

Thanks to my good friend Jon Michaels for sharing this with me, he has the full 10 minute video posted, if you think you can handle that much pure sexual energy.