This week, comedian Jim Breuer said on his podcast, his friend Brian Johnson is very sad because AC/DC kicked his can to the curb and had Brian’s luggage from the tour dropped at his home. Then Jim backpedaled, claiming he exaggerated to be funny. Ha ha. But it’s a serious matter.

Back on March 7th, AC/DC announced frontman Brian Johnson was warned by doctors to stop touring with the band or risk total hearing loss. The band postponed the rest of their tour, up through April 4th, and announced they would get back out with an unannounced replacement vocalist.

Really, a replacement singer? What singer would want to step onstage in front of thousands of fans who came to see Brian Johnson and Angus Young? Short term plans allow for lesser known singer, but in the mean time, you need a marquee name.

AC/DC is already down Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd but fans come for the music and to watch Angus Young and Brian Johnson. There are a lot of bands that tour with one or even no original members, (think Foreigner, which has original guitarist Mick Jones occasionally disappearing from the band).

Assuming Brian Johnson is done, after 36 years, the band could call it quits, but I doubt Angus, who will be 61 on March 31st, is ready to toss away his schoolboy outfit. AC/DC re-launched after Bon Scott died in 1980 and if they want to do 2 or 3 more albums and tours, they will have to do it again. Back in 1974, predecessor Dave Evans sang with AC/DC for a very short time, but has made it known he’s available. I wouldn’t hold my breath, Dave. Malcolm Young said ‘The day we got rid of Dave Evans is the day the band started.’ Krokus singer Marc Storace (pronounced: Stor-achi) passed on an audition with the thunder from down under, and, hinting talks have been underway, would turn it down again.

You can’t bring Bon Scott from the dead, but should a replacement singer sound like Bon or Brian? Leaving out all of the lesser known names for long term AC/DC, Which singer, that people actually know, would be a good fit for the band. Let’s get your take.