A couple of weeks ago we decided to add a new member to our family.  We already had two dogs and the younger one REALLY needed a better playmate than her much older sister (whose patience was wearing very thin).

When I came across a post from L and C Pets and Gifts that they were helping to find homes for a litter of kittens, I saw and fell in love with our "Fred" lickety-split!  Lisa and Cathy (L & C) were awesome and hooked me up with everything we needed and sent Fred and I home well prepared!

Since then, our family has been scratching our heads at some of his favorite past-times.  The main one being...laying on our laptop computers!  What the heck is with that?  We can redirect him over and over and he's not deterred in the slightest!  What gives?!?!  Do your cats do the same?