Only once have I had the negative experience, while spending many years driving the great state of Wyoming, to hit a deer or antelope. My particular experience actually happened one block from Mike Cedar swimming pool and not one of our open highways. One of the items that Casper residents have been asked to keep an eye open for (specifically when driving at night)  by the Game and Fish Department, Emergency Responders, and local game wardens is a variety of wild life that are beginning to come off the mountain, down to lower elevations, due to the large increase of human activity due to the fire in addition to the colder temperatures. This particular four point buck was trolling the neighborhood only one  block from the hospital just off second street. Deer have been spotted in a number of back yards in the center of the city the last few days and the Game and Fish Department are urging Casper residents to keep a keen eye open for critters roaming the Casper streets, hence avoiding that call to Game and Fish and then having to tell the story to your friends while awaiting for that insurance adjustor.