Now, to some it may seem like an old bus with a fancy paint job, but back in the day this 1986 Eagle Model 10 was Willie Nelson's home on the road. Willie used this bus until 1999 and now you can own it.

This bus was famous back in the day for it's rolling party atmosphere, that it was voted as one of the top ten most famous buses in history at

The bus has 6 bunks, twin lounge areas, a modern bathroom with a full shower, and I'm just guessing here, but it probably has a seed or two, (You may have heard, Willie IS quite the botany enthusiast).  It's powered by a Detroit diesel 6v-92TA turbo-charged engine and automatic transmission.  This luxury coach will carry 330 cubic feet of luggage underneath along with 130 gallons of fuel and has an on-board four cylinder generator.

All of the murals were done by the artist Rainmaker, and looking at the pictures, I can't tell if it still has Willie's name, or "Honeysuckle Rose" anywhere on the bus, but if it does, I would think you might spend more time parked on the side of the road with the law going thru it, than you would driving it down the highway.

The bus is scheduled to be a part of an auction scheduled for October 21st to 23rd, with Willie's bus being the highlight of the auction on October 22nd in Ontario Canada.

Collector Car Productions is a privately held Canadian-based auction house specializing in acquisitions, sales and appraisals of quality collector cars in North America.

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