Every small dance hall in wyoming seems to have something famous about it. But can you imagine being able to say that your dance floor is one of only ten in America that has Union Pacific rail road box car springs underneath the dance floor? Woods Landing Bar does. I jumped up and down on it. When it was empty and sure enough. It bounces.

The Woods Landing Bar came about when Colonel Sam Woods was traveling from Iowa back in 1883 and came upon a beautiful piece of land near what is now Woods Landing and decided to homestead. Because he didn't have enough acreage to start a ranch he did what every like minded Wyomingite would do. He opened a saloon instead. The saloon attracted many a lumberjack that was cutting wood for the railroad and other homesteaders as well as freighters. The bar was sold in 1927 to Clarence and Mayme Lewellen who's idea it was to add the dance floor (with 24 rail road box car springs underneath it) as well as a diner and a filling station in addition to small cabins that the folks could rent out.

The bar and diner are now owned by Bill Sheenan and Sue Spencer who have added to the bar and resort over the years. You can find good food and live music pretty much every saturday night. While you dance over the rail road springs.