As a kid, walking home from grade school one day, I heard something emanating from a basement of a house along my route home. I snuck up to the house, looked in the window, and in the basement there was something that changed my life. Musicians. Playing live music. I was over come. Chills ran down my arms. I sat in that window well and watched for about two hours. Going back daily to get my fix of live music. One day the "big kids" actually asked me to come down from the window and watch them up close. That's how I met Cory McDaniel. From that moment on I've been the recipient of his talent, his muse and his music. Cory has played with some of the most significant names in the blues genre to many to name here. But he came back to Casper years ago and put together the Tremors.

The Tremors Blues Band has been a staple of the rocky mountain music scene for over twenty years. Originally a three piece the band has moved to just it's founding members Cory McDaniels on guitar and Dale Bohren on base.Their style of music traverses both coasts as well as Europe. Both players have significant musical backgrounds. If you really want to know about them go to their web site

The Tremors debuted their new CD "Butter Zone" last Saturday night at Casper College. Let it be said. The Tremors have numerous CD's that they have put together. But Butter Zone is special. It features string arrangements by Gary DePaolo, who plays viola, and an incredible string ensemble. It's a live recording, mostly made onstage in concert, in the Kelly Walsh High School Theater. With the help of guitarists Jody Taylor and vocal arrangements by Amy Gieske, with help from others  This is some of the Tremors best stuff. Find it. And savor it. It's "like butter."