At some point while watching TV, I'm sure most of us have seen the promos "don't text and drive" aimed at teenagers. Many people would assume that teenage drivers are the most reckless among the driving public when it comes to using their phones. There's a new study contradicting that assumption.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's study showed 43 Percent of adults 25-39 reported they used the phone "fairly often or on a  regular basis", while driving within the past thirty days. Compare that to 20 percent of teens and 15 percent of adults 60-74.

When the study shifted to texting and e-mailing while  driving, folks 25-39 lead the pack, with 45 percent admitting to having done so in the recent past. Ten percent admitted to regularly texting and e-mailing while driving.

The gap narrows with drivers 19-24, with 42 percent who text while driving and 11 percent who text and drive on the regular.

Unless teens 16-18 lied to researchers, they were the least-frequent offenders, with 31 percent texting or e-mailing behind the wheel. Seven percent need more education as they text and e-mail regularly.

Wonder how many polled were Police officers? I see them on the phone, often and regular!