Casper police officers arrested a woman Thursday after she allegedly assaulted her 12- or 13-year-old daughter in Walmart.

Nastassja Henson was booked into jail on a recommended felony charge of child endangerment. She will likely make her initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Friday.

According to charging papers, three police officers responded to the east-side Walmart at 4 p.m. Thursday after receiving several reports that a daughter and mother had been involved in a physical fight inside the store.

When contacted by police, Henson said she and the alleged victim had been arguing over a pair of pants. She said that she had custody of the girl for the weekend, but the girl didn't want to be with Henson and didn't pack any clothes, so Henson took her to Walmart to buy a pair of pants.

Henson claimed that the girl refused to cooperate and caused a scene, then took out her cell phone and began recording the incident. When Henson tried to grab the phone from the girl, Henson said, the girl began to attack her.

However, police noted no marks, scratches or injuries to Henson that would corroborate her story.

The alleged victim told police that Henson had picked her up from school that day and told her she was going to stay the night with Henson. The girl replied that she didn't feel safe with Henson and her boyfriend, and didn't want to stay at their house.

The victim told police that Henson began to verbally attack her, and the victim began recording the incident with her phone. The attack became physical when Henson hit the girl on the left side of her face.

While inside Walmart, with the alleged victim still recording the incident, Henson then allegedly lunged at her and hit her in the face a second time. The victim told police she didn't remember much more than that because she was frightened.

Police noted redness and slight swelling near the victim's left eye in addition to obvious redness near her jawline. Officers believed that the girl had been hit at least twice.

An officer reviewed the recording from the victim's phone and heard Henson calling the victim "a whore" and "a slut." Video also showed Henson lunging toward the camera while inside the store before the footage went black.

Two children were taken into protective custody. Henson was arrested and taken to jail.

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