On Tuesday, we told you the story of a veteran that stopped in to the Cheyenne VA hospital and discovered he had cancer.  In light of that horrible diagnosis his big concern was to find homes for his two four legged companions Yola and Boogy.

Earlier today, we got word that his 2 dogs Yola and  Boogy will have a new home (together) here in Wyoming.


Janet Marschner of Centennial, WY posted to her Facebook page that she has adopted both animals and invites everyone to come meet them and share in their amazing story.


After receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 esophageal cancer, Yola and Boogy's owner knew he was headed into hospice care and wanted his companions to have loving homes.  Having found Yola in a 'no kills shelter' and later adopting Boogy from a friend suffering from chronic back pain, their owner didn't want them to end up in a shelter with an uncertain future.

Relieved that Yola and Boogy have found a home, he would like to remind everyone looking to add a dog to their family that there are tons of loving animals in 'No Kill' animal shelters hoping to find a family to give them love.  He adds for those wanting to help: 'If you want to do something to help animals, please donate to a no kill shelter or to your local animal rescue'.

Wyoming has dozens of animal shelters including many that are 'No Kill' shelters like the Black Dog Animal Rescue and each has lots of animals with plenty of love to give to any family.

Yola and Boogy were successfully adopted and thousands of people showed their love of dogs and animals in the process.  How many more animals will be adopted by caring families and individuals in this process?  We don't know just yet, but we certainly have high hopes!!

And to Yola and Boogy's former owner, God Bless You Sir!  There are no words to express the grief we feel in knowing of your struggles with cancer and wish you all the best in this life.  But I for one sincerely 'Thank You' for allowing us to share your story and share your message with others!  You, your story and message are ones that will not be forgotten by this DJ anytime soon!!  God Speed my friend!!

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