Our Colorado neighbors had to brave our hectic roadways to get home after the 2017 solar eclipse. Other Coloradans did not believe the traffic was as bad as media outlets had been claiming, which brought about a new breed of conspiracy theorists that are being dubbed: traffic truthers.

A segment from Denver television station 9News titled Next With Kyle Clark, covered some interesting, yet humorous exchanges of some of the behavior on the Wyoming highways. First, there were the two ladies that pronounced Wheatland like it was two words (Wheat-Land). Then there was the guy that got out of his car to relieve himself, just to later have to chase his vehicle down on foot. Finally, there was the myriad of Colorado folk that just couldn't believe this much traffic was traveling through the Cowboy State and were sure this was all just a hoax.

Of course, the traffic truthers weren't the only conspiracy theorists out during the eclipse. 9News also had the chance to sit down with a couple of gentlemen from the Colorado Flat Earth Movement.


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