One person is dead after a plane crash southeast of Alcova Reservoir.

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That's according to NCSO Public Information Officer Kiera Grogan, who stated that the plane was a private aircraft, carrying one passenger.

According to a release from the NCSO, on Tuesday around 4:45 p.m., "The Casper Public Safety Communication Center received a request for assistance by a private aircraft company in locating a small aircraft carrying one passenger that they lost contact with."

The release stated that the aircraft company gave first responders the coordinates of the last known location of the aircraft, as well as company aircraft resources to assist in the search of the area.

"A Search and Rescue operation was immediately launched utilizing resources both in the air and on the ground," the release stated. "Deputies were dispatched to the sloped, mountain terrain area southeast of Alcova Reservoir. Fire and EMS personnel responded to an immediate staging area on Bolton Creek Road, an area near the general SAR operation."

The release noted that at approximately 7:30 p.m., private search planes located an aircraft matching the description of the missing one. Because night had fallen and the area was dark, a Wyoming Army National Guard (WYARNG) BlackHawk Helicopter arrived to assist with the search, using specialty equipment.

A command post was set up on Kortes Road, where Fire and EMS personnel began operating from.

The helicopter confirmed the location of the downed aircraft and transported two NCSO personnel to traverse into the "heavily wooded and remote terrain." NCSO personnel arrived at the scene of the crash and confirmed one deceased person on board of the plane. Due to the location of the aircraft, as well as terrain factors, additional personnel and specialty equipment were needed for safe recovery.

"Presently, recovery efforts are underway. If you utilize Kortes Road for daily travel, you may experience short delays near Cardwell Ranch Road. If possible, please seek an alternate travel route."

Assisting with this search and rescue are Natrona County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Natrona County Emergency Management personnel, the Natrona County Fire Protection District, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement.

K2 Radio News will provide more information as it becomes available.

Original Story Below:

K2 Radio News has learned of a possible plane crash in the area of Bolton Creek.

Not much information is available as of yet, but Kiera Grogan with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office did confirm some sort of activity in the area.

"Deputies are in the area of Bolton Creek for a search but I can't confirm an aircraft crash at this point," Grogan told K2 Radio News. "A private aircraft company requested assistance in locating a small aircraft that they lost contact with, so deputies are on the ground searching.

While Grogan could not confirm an aircraft crash at the moment, the initial report from a dispatcher with the Casper Interagency Dispatch Center did mention a plane crash.

K2 Radio News is in communication with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office and will update this developing story as more information becomes available.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, "Bolton Creek is a popular fishing, picnicking, and primitive dispersed camping site. It has n access road and small parking area. There are no developed facilities here other than roads."

K2 Radio News originally published that there was a missing individual in addition to the deceased person. There was only one person aboard this plane. We regret the error, and it has been fixed.

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