"Drink coffee, eat cake, and talk about Death" reads an invitation from the Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions.

Central Wyoming Hospice and the Natrona County Library are hosting a Death Café on Saturday, July 22nd at the public library.

It’s aim is to have a conversation around death and dying and de-mystifying death to help people make the most of their adult lives.

“It’s a space where you talk about death to become more engaged with life, “says Susan Burk, Community Liaison at CWHT.

“Our society is much more removed from death than in the past,” says Burk. “The Death Café allows people to express their fears, hopes, and curiosity about death. You can also come and just listen. It’s not grief counseling, it’s an open and authentic discussion about death, and the conversations can go in some very interesting directions.”

The Death Café will be 10:00am Saturday, July 22nd, in the Library’s Crawford room. It is free and open to everyone. Coffee, treats, and companionship are provided. Please bring your thoughts, attitudes, hopes, and fears concerning death.

"I believe that the culture of silence surrounding death should be broken through discussion, gathering, art, innovation, and scholarship." -The Order of The Good Death.

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