You've heard the story of David vs Goliath, right? If not, it goes like this: Goliath was this who was terrorizing Israel. This Philistine was attacking the city and, try as they might, they just could not take him down.

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Enter: David. David, you see, was a young sheperd boy. He didn't have much, but he had a slingshot and, most importantly, he had faith. 

It was that faith that brought David face to, well, let's say knee, with Goliath.

David challenged Goliath with no more than his sling, his staff, and his faith. Goliath scoffed at the boy and accepted his challenge.

Well, David used his tools and, to everyone's surprise, he was able to defeat Goliath. And thus, one of the most overused parables was born.

David vs Goliath has become a cliche for any time 'the little guy' defeats 'the big guy.' It's used in sports, in business, even in school yard fights.

And yes, we're using it here too. But in this case, we're telling the story of when David helped Goliath.

The story comes from AccuWeather, who shared a video of a 'determined' SUV that did everything in its (horse)power to help a semi truck get up an icy hill.

While AccuWeather called the vehicle a jeep, it was actually a Chevy Tahoe or something similar. Still, this little engine that could had the heart of a lion and the eye of the tiger (we're trying to use as many cliches as we can, because we've gone this far already) and it was able to successfully get the semi moving.

The semi let out an appreciative honk and was on its way.

We love stories of good Samaritans and people helping people. And while David vs Goliath will always be the analogy to end all analogies, we much prefer stories of David helping Goliath.

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