When you see someone for the first time in a while, you and your co-worker are headed out to eat, or you're going on that first date and you have to think of a great place to have lunch, that's sometimes a tough task.

I'm assuming that trying to decide on lunch and where to go is one of the top fight starters between couples. You know the classic...

Person 1: "What do you want to for lunch?"

Person 2: "I don't care, your choice"

Person 1: "How about sandwiches?"

Person 2: "nah, I'm not in the mood for that"

Person 1: "how about soup & salad?"

Person 2: "nah, I had that yesterday"

Person 1: "how about a burger?"

Person 2: "eh, that doesn't sound good. Let's just get sandwiches"

Then comes the task of choosing which place to go and eat begins.

The problem isn't lack of options, it's actually the opposite. Casper has just around 200 places for you to get food. Including restaurants, fast food, bakeries, coffee shops, breweries and distilleries. That is a lot of options and picking just one to visit for lunch is a heck of an issue.

Depending on your era, job or the way you were raised, you may refer to the midday meal as lunch or dinner. In the old days, it was called dinner, because it was the largest meal of the day. Now, lunch is the meal that is in place to hold you over until dinner (the largest meal of the day).

Usually you'll see restaurants offer up options like soup & salad, soup & sandwich, or something along those lines. Those that work during the day, are usually limited on time during their lunch break, so quick options are best.

The website Yelp is designed to help alleviate some of those difficult decisions, by showing you reviews and choices of other people. Obviously this is just a guide and a tool to help you make your decisions easier.

So when you're in a bind trying to figure out what and where to eat lunch, here are the 10 that Yelp says are the best.

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