Face it, even if you don't have kids, you still have Halloween candy leftover.

Maybe you bought a lot for trick-or-treaters and didn't have that many. Or Maybe you saw some on clearance and can't ever pass a deal up.

Whatever your excuse is, you have it, now what do you do with it?

Next time you're having cocktails, wine or beer...break out the leftover Halloween candy.

Personally, having a Payday with a beer is on the top of my list. Peanuts and a little bit of sweetness, makes for a nice pairing.

I like to always like to help you out and give you options. I realize, not everyone likes Payday candy bars or likes drinking beer. So I went searching for different options for you.

I stumbled upon a website called SpoonUniversity.com. The site is a go to 'college kid' cooking site for  kids that may be out on their own for the first time. When you've never had to fend for yourself, you may need help with cooking and other food options.

After checking out the site, I thought they had a pretty good list of options of Halloween Candy/ Booze. I mean who better than college kids would know, right?

Let's take a look at what they say are the perfect pairings

Captain Morgan & Twix - The dark rum will match up nicely with the light cookie and chocolate

Tequila & Warheads Extreme Sour Candy - The Warhead will take place of having to cut up limes and give everyone nice laugh.

Vodka & Gummy Bears - Soaking gummy bears in Vodka has been a trend for a while. If you use the gummy bear as a chaser, you get the same effect.

Beer & Candy Corn - There's something about the beer/ candy corn combo has a great taste. A lot like popcorn/ beer.

Red Wine & Dark Chocolate - This combination has been a long popular trend, so take advantage of the having the excuse of Halloween candy in the house.

Whiskey & Peanut Butter Cups - Fusing peanut butter with whiskey has been a success with the peanut butter whiskey on the market. Imagine having your favorite whiskey and America's favorite Halloween candy together.

Malibu & Almond Joy - This pairing will make you feel like you're chilling on a tropical beach.

No need to thrown out the excess candy, especially with a snap of Wyoming winter coming through the area.

What is your favorite candy/alcohol pairing? Shoot me a message

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