Technology has changed the way people take vacations. Before the internet, you had to go to the library or an encyclopedia to learn about your destination of choice. Now, you don't need to put pants on or get out of bed, and you can learn everything you need about where you are going.

Google has become a luxury for information seekers, especially those learning about the National Park System, other parks, and historic locations worldwide. Betway conducted research and monitored over 200 historic sites from around the world. They put the sites into three categories: popular natural World Heritage Sites, popular cultural World Heritage Sites, and popular World Heritage Cities. Betway obtained its information by analyzing Instagram and TikTok #hastags and the number of Google searches for all 200 sites. 

Yellowstone is, by far, the most popular natural World Heritage Site to search for on Google and TikTok, but it is a bit behind on Instagram. There were over 5 million Google searches, 293,800 TikTok #hashtag views, and over 2 million tagged Instagram posts. The 5 million Google searches are 3,780,000 more than the next on the list, the Grand Canyon, 4,450,000 more than Yosemite, 4,550,000 more than the Dolomites in Italy, and 4,632,000 more than the Lake District in the U.K.

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The impressive number to me is the 5 million Google searches. In 2023, the park had 4,501,382 recreation visits, the second-largest number of visits since the first year of keeping track in 1904. The most was in 2021, when 4,860,242 visited the park.

According to Betway's research, the Taj Mahal in India was the top cultural Heritage Site, and Istanbul, Turkey, was the most popular World Heritage City.

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