In Hollywood, you never know what you're going to get with some movies. I don't claim to be a movie critic, or even know the first thing of being one. I do know that when a movie has meaning to it, that we can all relate to, it needs to be seen and talked about.

Having been in the radio world for many years, I've met many different folks that work in the music industry. Lots of times, they are artists themselves or have/do work in the entertainment business in many forms.

6 years ago I had a chance to meet Tara Shayne, she was working with an up and coming artist and we became friends. Tara was not only working with this particular artist, but also was an actress in Hollywood.


Our conversations would span the world of music, movies, some of the roles she'd played and how fast paced the entertainment industry is.

When I moved to Wyoming, Tara and I have kept in touch and I followed her trek through a new movie, where she plays a girl in her early 20's named October, which is called Alex/October.

The movie also stars Brad Hunt, who plays the roll of Alex. Brad has been acting for many years and has done many different movies and tv shows including NYPD Blue, CSI, Criminal Minds and The Rookie.


Ethan Cutcosky, the actor that plays Carl Gallagher on Showtimes Shameless is also in the movie.


The movie was written and directed by Josh Hope who has done many independent films.

Because my friend is in the movie, I bought it on Amazon. I didn't know how impactful and relatable to Wyoming this movie would be.

The movie follows Alex (Brad) and October (Tara) as they try to make sense of their troubled lives. Alex is a 45 year old divorced father who's son passes away and isn't allowed to see his daughter. He's depressed and suicidal, but can't find it in himself to end his own life. So, he puts an ad online to pay someone $500 to kill him.

When October sees this ad, she answers it and they meet.

Her intention was never to actually kill Alex, but to find out why someone would want to do that.

A stack of blueberry pancakes later and the unlikely friends set off on a new find the help they both need, but never wanted to ask for.

Even though the movie is set in Chicago, the topic is something very relatable to life in Wyoming. Depression, suicidal thoughts, and sadness are all feelings many Wyomingites have from time to time.

Depression and suicide are a major worry here in Wyoming, as the states suicide rate are the highest they've EVER been. According to an ABC News report, 30.5 per 100,000 people, which is more than DOUBLE the national average.

In the early parts of the movie, Alex and October cross paths many times, without knowing they would eventually play important roles in each others life. Focusing on how important it is to keep an eye out for that one moment or person that could help you or that you could help.

I recommend you take the time to watch Alex/October, but be aware that it will mess with your emotions. You'll find darkness, humor, chaos, sadness, happiness and hope.

If you have feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts, reach out for help. Wyoming has help available 24/7, a 3 digit suicide hotline (9-8-8) and many organizations like Central Wyoming Counseling Center that are there for you in your time of need.

Alex/October is out now at select theaters all over the country and available on demand and streaming on AppleAmazon and VUDU.

I had a chance to spend time with Tara and Brad to discuss the movie and how HOPE is just a friend away.

You can listen to the interview and watch the movie trailer below.


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