Hunting shows have been a big part of how many people have taken interest in the outdoors and in particular hunting.

Thanks to shows like Jackie Bushman's Buckmaster's in the mid 1980's, which is tv's longest running hunting show, the world of hunting has taken off.

There are many hunting networks, streaming channels and YouTube channels dedicated to nothing but hunting , fishing and the outdoors. These shows are some of the original 'reality shows' that have brought focus on the outdoors and continue to do so.

The premise of these shows is to highlight different types of hunting, introduce new equipment, show off hunting skills and bring attention to different hunting locations.

Some of the trailblazers in the industry other than Bushman are:

Bill Jordan has been an influence in the hunting, outdoor and camo world since the 1980's too. Bill not only was an outdoor tv personality, but was the founder of Realtree camouflage line of apparel. He's passed on his love to his family and son Tyler, that continues to carry the torch.

Michael Waddell started has been an outdoor tv personality for years and may be one of the most well known today. He got his start as a member of Team Realtree and his latest show Bone Collector  is a huge influence on many in the outdoor world.

Duck Dynasty, is another show that's been a trailblazer in the outdoor world. The Robertson family took duck hunting and duck call making mainstream. Not only is their family business Duck Commander a household name, Phil Robertson has been filming and releasing hunting videos for years. The show and videos made regular guys from Louisiana celebrities, like John Godwin and Justin Martin. Willie Robertson is also the man behind Buck Commander, which is a hunting show with Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Tyler Farr and figures from the world of sports.

Red Arrow is a long running outdoor show that focuses on hunter and outdoorsman, Kip Campbell. Kip's from Virginia, but goes all over the world hunting, including right here in Wyoming. Red Arrow TV season 14 just kicked off last week on YouTube, Kip along with Tyler Jordan, Michael Waddell, Godwin & Martin from Duck Dynasty and other Team Realtree members were all at 7 J Outfitters near Sundance, WY.

In episode 1 of season 14, Kip drives to Wyoming and gets rolling right away. He's chasing big Wyoming Deer and shows the struggles, game plans and successes of his hunts.

You can check out episode 1 & 2 here, then subscribe to Kip and Red Arrow to see the new episodes when they're released.

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